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Download Cheat 1 Hit Edisi Minggu 17 Juli 2011

Cheat 1 hit edisi minggu 17 juli, gratis download free cheat 1 hit untuk edisi minggu ini, silahkan download disini.

How to use baret n char hack :
[-]join room push hotkey numpad1
[-]open buka inventory tara… Then play
[-]pas loading map pusg numpad1 again
[-]when “sedang mempersiapkan game ” push hotkey numpad0

How to use spion :
[-]for spion hack use f4 on room

How to use card hack :
Buy misi 5000.then go to lobby and log out
Log in back and push ctrl+1-ctrl+9

How to use no respawn :
[-]join room
[-]click home
[-]then play
[-]try to kill yourself